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Rental Terms



In order to secure a reservation, we will send a link to our rental agreement so you can firm up your booking.

For your information:

  • All of our rates are in US Dollars. For updated currency conversions: www.xe.com/ucc.
  • We accept USD$ checks, wire transfers, Visa, Mastercard,or American Express.
  • Our rate is all-inclusive, there are no extra taxes or fees (unless otherwise noted).
  • More than 2 months before your arrival date, we require a 50% deposit to book the apartment & the balance will be due 2 months before your arrival.
  • Less than 2 months before your arrival date, we require 100% payment to book the apartment.

World Guests Abroad LLC, Doing Business As "Haven In", "Paris For Rent”, and “Paris Luxury Rentals”, hereafter referred as “WGA” offers property vacation rental services to individuals, hereafter referred to as “GUESTS” seeking to rent private residential accommodations for short-term vacations in France.

1. Rental period

1.1 Paris, London, Provence: Rental begins: 4 p.m. on arrival date

  • If no one is vacating the Property the morning you arrive, you may be able to check in before 4pm. Please confirm your check-in time with Haven in Paris or your Greeter close to your arrival date.
  • If the Property is being vacated the day of your arrival, your Greeter may be able to meet you at the Property as early as 10 am to allow you to drop off luggage. At this time, your Greeter will inform you when the Property cleaning will be completed and ask you to return at that time for your check-in.
  • Please be aware that the cleaning crew cannot clean when guests are in the Property.
  • If you would like to be guaranteed an early check-in, we suggest you reserve the Property starting the day before your arrival.

1.2 Tuscany: Rental begins: 5pm on arrival date

1.3 Paris, Provence, London, Tuscany: Rental ends: 10 a.m. on departure date

  • Our official check-out time is 10am. We can occasionally accommodate late check-outs or allow you to store your luggage in the Property until later in the day. Please inquire with your Greeter to confirm your check-out time.

Please note: Haven in Paris will not be held responsible for any last-minute changes in check-in or check-out times. If you have not reserved the Property for additional days in order to be guaranteed an early or late check-in or check-out, please consider any exceptions made to the official check-in or check-out times tentative and subject to last minute change.

2. Greeter

2.1 We will arrange for a Greeter to meet you at the Property upon arrival at the start of the Rental Period and on departure at the end of the Rental Period,  
2.2 The Greeter will provide their contact information to you and they will be your first point of contact in the event of any queries or problems during the Rental Period.

3. Early & Late Check In and Check Out

3.1 As stated above, our official check-in time is 4pm; check-out is 10am. Haven in Paris understands that international flights can sometimes arrive or depart at inconvenient times. We will do our best to accommodate your early and late arrivals and departures. 

3.2 Please allow at least 15 min for a check-in or check-out. 

4. Arrivals or Departures on December 24, 25, 31, and January 1

4.1 We are not able to accommodate arrivals or departures on Christmas Day (December 25) or New Year's Day. (January 1)
4.2 All arrivals and departures on Christmas Eve (December 24) and New Year's Eve (December 31) should occur within the hours of 9am-5pm; all arrivals or departures after 5pm or before 9am on these days will incur a fee of 100 Euros/80 Pounds to be paid in cash to your Greeter.

5. Renter Responsibility for Arrival/Departure Information & Greeters Time

5.1 The Renter will be held responsible for communicating accurate arrival and departure information to Haven in Paris and the Greeter. The Renter will be held responsible for any fees resulting from a last-minute change or delay that is not communicated in advance to the Greeter. Departure details must be confirmed with the Greeter no less than 48 hours prior to departure date. We cannot guarantee that the Greeter or Cleaner will be able to accommodate any last minute changes to departure details (made within 48 hours of departure).

When confirming arrival and check-in times with the Greeter, please ensure that the arrival time and date have been correctly communicated. If the Renter is delayed in arrival, or if the Renter has made any mistake in communicating the arrival date and/or time to the Greeter, the Renter will be held liable for the time the Greeter spends waiting at the Property at the rate of EUR20/hour. The Renter may also be held liable for any additional costs incurred due to a lack of communication on the Renter’s part.

5.2 The Greeter’s responsibilities include:

  • Meeting the Renter at the Property at a previously agreed upon time
  • Showing the Renter around the Property; explaining use of appliances and technology in Property
  • Explaining any notable Property or building particularities
  • Troubleshooting by phone issues in the Property during the Rental Period
  • Arranging for any necessary repairs or interventions

The Greeter’s responsibilities do not include:

  • Concierge-type requests (restaurant or taxi reservations, etc)
  • Physical interventions in the Property that are due to a fault of the Renter
  • Waiting in the Property for the Renter if the Renter is not present at the agreed upon check-in time.

The greeter may be available to perform services that go above and beyond their normal scope of duties for a fee. Please inquire with Haven in Paris or the greeter directly for more details.

6. Rental Fee

6.1 Rental Fees are in $USD. We accept payment in USD by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, USD check and USD wire transfer. Haven in Paris is unable to accept payments by wire transfer or check if the Rental Period is less than four (4) weeks from the payment date.

6.2 The Rental Fee includes:

  • Occupancy of the Property for the specified time period.
  • Flowers & wine upon arrival.
  • All taxes, utilities, and local telephone service.
  • Bed linens and towels.
  • Guide with detailed local recommendations (in most properties).
  • Housecleaning once a week after a week for stays of two (2) weeks or longer.

7. Payment of the Rental Fee

The Renter will pay the Rental Fee as set out below:
7.1 If the start date of the Rental Period is more than two months from the date the Rental Agreement is confirmed by the Renter, 50% of the rental fee is due in order to secure the reservation. The balance of the Rental Fee is due two (2) months before arrival. If the balance has not been paid by this date, Haven In Paris reserves the right to cancel the reservation, void the contract, and retain the initial payment.
7.2 If the Rental Period start date is less than two months from the date the Rental Agreement is confirmed by the Renter, 100% of total rental fee is due in order to secure the reservation.
7.3 No rental is confirmed until the Renter completes the contract and Haven in Paris receives payment for the rental.

8. Security Deposit and Renter's Obligations With Regard to the Property.

8.1 Haven in Paris requires a Security Deposit for every rental. The Renter will be held responsible for any damages to the Property that occur during the Rental Period. At the end of the Rental Period, the Property will be examined by the Greeter upon check-out and again in detail during the cleaning at the end of the Rental Period, before subsequent renters occupy the Property. The Renter acknowledges that in certain cases, damage may be overlooked by the Greeter and subsequently found by the Cleaner. Any damages, whether noted by the Greeter or Cleaner, will be evidenced by proper documentation, including photographs where possible. Any damages to the Property caused during the Rental Period will de deducted from the Security Deposit. Haven In Paris agrees to notify the Renter as soon as any damages are reported by the Greeter or the Cleaner, and to present a bill for any charges relating to damages incurred, if applicable.
8.2 If the Renter notices any damages to the property upon check-in, the Renter is responsible for notifying Haven in Paris and/or the Greeter within 24 hours of the beginning of the Rental Period or the Renter may be held liable for such damages.
8.3 The Security Deposit can be provided in the form of a credit card authorization form or a USD check. When providing a check, the amount of Security Deposit varies according to the Property and is specified on the Rental Agreement confirmed by the Renter.
8.3.1 Credit Card Authorization form. This form must be completed by the Renter and returned to Haven in Paris via fax or email two months prior to the Rental Period.
8.3.2 Check. The Check Security Deposit must be mailed to the Haven In Paris office in Newcastle, ME, two months prior to the Rental Period. Check Security Deposits will be refunded to the Renter two weeks after the end of the Rental Period. If damages exceed the amount of the check Security Deposit, the Renter is liable for the full cost of any reported damages.
8.3.3 Haven in Paris reserves the right to retain the Security Deposit Check or Credit Card Authorization Form until the Property has been verified both by the Greeter and the Cleaner
8.4 Haven In Paris reserves the right to charge the Renter’s credit card or reserve funds from the client's check Security Deposit for any damage caused during the Rental Period immediately after informing the client of the damage.
8.5 The Renter shall keep and maintain the Property in clean and secure condition during the Rental Period. The Renter must leave the Property in the same condition as it was found upon arrival, excluding normal wear and tear. It is understood and agreed that the Security Deposit shall be used to cover the cost of any damage to, or loss of contents of, the Property and the building of which the Property is a part (if any).
8.6 In the event that the costs of cleaning and/or replacement exceed the Security Deposit, the Renter shall pay the balance due via credit card, check or wire transfer no later than five (5) business days following notice by Haven in Paris.
8.7 If the Greeter is required to make an in-person visit to the property due to a fault of the Renter, the cost of the intervention, including compensation for the Greeter’s time spent resolving the issue, will be charged to the Renter. The Renter will also be held responsible for the cost of any technical intervention (whether deemed necessary by Haven in Paris, the Owner or the Greeter, or whether requested by the Renter) if the reason for the intervention is caused directly or indirectly by the Renter. The cost of the intervention may also include compensation for the Greeter’s time spent resolving the issue.
8.8 The Renter agrees to inform the Greeter, Haven in Paris, the Owner or the Owner's Representative immediately of any damage that occurs on the Property during the Rental Period.


9.1 The Renter agrees that the number of people occupying the Property at one time will not exceed the maximum occupancy rate indicated for the Property, unless specifically authorized by Haven in Paris. Haven in Paris will not be held liable for any issues arising from occupation of the Property by more persons than allowed by the Property’s maximum occupancy rate.  
9.2. Group size is determined at time of reservation and is included on page one (1) of the Rental Agreement.
9.3 If the Renter would like to invite additional guests to stay in the Property during the Rental Period, the Renter must notify Haven in Paris, and pay any applicable extra fees.
9.4 The Renter will personally occupy the Property for said dates and shall not sub-let the Property under any condition.
9.5 The Renter will not hold any group gathering or event in the Property for which the number of attendees would exceed the Property’s maximum occupancy, excepting events previously approved by Haven in Paris and/or Owner when applicable.
9.6 The Property may not be used for commercial purposes, unless specifically authorized by Haven in Paris and/or Owner when applicable. Commercial purposes include, but are not limited to: professional appointments, meetings, gatherings, showrooms, product display or demonstrations.  
9.7 Renter shall be quiet and respectful of neighbors at all times. This includes no excessive noise in the Property or common areas including, but not limited to, stairwells, elevators, courtyards, or building entry.

10. Smoking

10.1 All Haven in Paris properties are non smoking. The Renter shall not smoke or allow visitors to smoke inside the Property or in the common areas of the building. Smoking is permitted, when indicated as such by notice at the Property, in outdoor spaces (balcony, garden) located in the Property.
10.2 Haven in Paris shall not be held responsible for any smell of smoke detected in a Property if the smoke originates from adjacent units, the building common areas, or the street.

11. Cancellation by Client

11.1 In the event of a cancellation by the GUEST, if the cancellation is made at least 45 days before the start of the Rental period, the GUEST will have the option of a Full Refund of payments already made with No cancellation penalty, or a Full Credit of the payment made - However, if those payments were made by credit card, 3.5% of the Total Rental Charge will be deducted from the Refund to cover the credit card fees.

In the event of a cancellation by the GUEST for reasons including force majeure (relating to the global coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, for instance), if the cancellation is made less than 45 days before the start of the Rental period, the GUEST will receive the Full Credit of payments already made and will have the option to rebook at a later date. The Credit can be applied toward new rental dates within 18 Months of the original Rental Period, as defined in this agreement. Guests must pay any difference in rate, if applicable, at the time of booking. If the rental amount of the new reservation is less than the original one, the renter will not receive a refund for the difference.


11.2 Date Changes are possible and free of charge as long as they are made within 45 days before the start of the Rental Period. Guests must pay any difference in rate, if applicable, at the time of booking. If the rental amount of the new reservation is less than the original one, the renter will not receive a refund for the difference, but it will be converted to a credit for a future stay.

11.3 Haven In does not provide, nor is responsible for Cancellation Insurance. A CFAR Travel Insurance policy is highly recommended and is the Renter's​ personal responsibility.

11.4 Should Haven In, for any reason beyond their control including force majeure, be unable to provide Renter with the property they have booked, Haven In may offer to transfer Renter to a similar property. If the price of the substituted property is less, the difference shall be reimbursed to Renter; if the price of the substituted property is higher, the difference will be charged to Renter.

If no alternative or no agreement can be found, both parties may cancel the reservation, and Haven In shall refund Renter with all monies paid. Haven In total liability shall be limited only to such amount advanced by Renter.

12.Cancellation by Haven in Paris

12.1 In the unlikely event that Haven in Paris is unable to provide the Renter with the Property originally reserved, Haven in Paris reserves the right to offer the Renter:
12.1.1 A Property of equal or greater value in exchange. If the New Property is of greater value, the Renter will be asked to pay the difference between the New Rental Price and the Original Booking Price. If this is unacceptable, the Renter will be issued a 100% refund
12.1.2 If the only available Property is of lesser value, the Renter will be given the choice of reserving the New Property with a refund for the difference in price from the Original Booking Price If this is unacceptable, the Renter will be issued a 100% refund
12.1.3 If Haven in Paris does not have any other properties available for the Rental Period, Haven in Paris will cancel the Renter’s reservation and immediately issue a full refund.
12.2 Possible reasons for cancellation by Haven in Paris would include but shall not be limited to: Force Majeure Events, damage to the Property, flooding, fire or major construction on building or environs.
12.3 It is also understood that Haven In Paris may terminate this Agreement upon two (2) days notice via email, fax or telephone to the Renter in the event of the nonpayment of the Rental Payment due hereunder.
12.4 In the event Haven in Paris is unable to fulfill its obligations hereunder by reason of any law or ordinance frustrating or preventing the consummation of the transactions contemplated herein, Haven in Paris shall promptly refund all deposits made hereunder and neither party shall thereafter have any further obligation to the other.

13. Construction in Building or Environs

13.1 Haven in Paris offers single units in residential buildings Haven in Paris does not have control over construction or renovation plans undertaken by owners of other properties in the building or in adjacent buildings. Haven in Paris is often given no advance notice of such work. Haven in Paris also does not have control over public works that may be underway around the building in which the Property is located. Haven in Paris shall not be held liable for reparations or refunds claimed for disturbance due to construction occurring in proximity to the Rental Property.
13.2 In the event of a construction project occurring in a nearby apartment, the building, nearby building, or the city of Paris or London, Haven in Paris agrees to inform the Renter, as soon as Haven in Paris has been informed of the situation and work within our means to make you as comfortable as possible. Please note that the city of Paris often does not alert the neighborhood of upcoming work.
13.3 If, during the Rental Period, the Renter notices any work occurring in or around the building in which the Property is located, please inform Haven in Paris and the Greeter immediately so that Haven in Paris may work to make the Renter as comfortable as possible.

14. Sound or Noise Disturbance

14.1 Haven in Paris cannot be held responsible for any sound or noise disturbances that occur outside of the Rental Property. Haven in Paris strives to present accurate and detailed Property descriptions, including ordinary noise levels around the Property when applicable. Haven in Paris encourages all potential guests to familiarize themselves with the rental Property they are considering through said descriptions, former client reviews and direct contact with the Haven in Paris staff, in order to fully understand the levels of sound or noise, whether perceivable from within the building or outside on the street, associated with that Property.
14.2 Haven in Paris welcomes all feedback related to any repetitive and/or ongoing noise disturbance. Once notified, Haven in Paris will mobilize all possible and available means to lessen or mitigate the disturbance during the Rental Period.
14.3 Haven in Paris will not be held responsible for reparations and will not offer a refund for any such noise disturbances that occur outside the Rental Property.

15. Lost Key

15.1 If the Renter loses the key to the Property, the lock will most likely need to be replaced for the safety of the Owner and all Haven in Paris renters. The Renter will be held liable for all costs associated with lock changing and replacement of lost keys, including compensation for the Greeter’s time spent resolving the issue, even if these charges exceed the security deposit. A bill will be provided and the costs will be deducted from the Renter’s security deposit as soon as possible. It is often quite expensive (500 - 3200 Euros depending on the specific lock) to change locks in Europe. Please be very careful with keys.
15.2 If the Renter locks themselves out of the Property, the Renter will also be liable for all fees incurred, including locksmith fees, compensation for the Greeter’s for time spent resolving the issue, and any costs for alternate keys or locks provided.

15.3 The Renter should never leave the key in the lock inside the apartment. If someone tries to open the lock from the outside while a key is in the lock on the inside, both keys will break off inside the lock and the entire lock will need to be replaced. The cost for this would be anywhere from 500-3200 Euros.

16. Lost Items

16.1 Haven in Paris, the Greeter, Owner and Cleaning Team will not be held responsible for any items forgotten or left in the flat after the Renter’s departure.
16.2 If lost items are recovered, the Greeter can arrange to have the items returned at the Renter’s cost, including all shipping fees and compensation for the greeter’s time spent handling the request.

17. Telephone and Cable Television

17.1 The Telephone service available for the Rental Period is described on Page One (1) of these Rental Terms.
17.2 The Renter shall not subscribe to any additional cable services without prior approval from Haven in Paris.
17.3 Any charges incurred through Telephone, Television or Cable use not included in the basic package provided will be deducted from the Renter’s Security Deposit. These may include calls to European cell phones and channels or movies purchased through the cable service at an extra cost.  

18. Equipment Breakdowns

18.1 Haven in Paris and the Owner shall not be held responsible for any breakdown of mechanical equipment in the Property or any common areas of the building in which the Rental Property is located (for example: heat, elevator, electricity), nor for failure of public utilities (for example: water, gas, cable, electricity).
18.2 If such an issue occurs, the Renter should notify the Greeter and Haven in Paris of any problem as soon as it is identified. Every effort will be made to rectify the situation in a timely manner.

19. Internet and Computer

19.1 In all Paris and London properties, a computer and high-speed wireless Internet service are provided for the Renter’s use.  
19.2 In Provence and Tuscany, computers and high-speed Internet may not always be available in the Rental Property. Please contact Haven in Paris for more details.
19.3 If the Renter wishes to connect to the network provided with a personal computer, the wireless network name and password will be provided at check-in. Haven in Paris and the Owner shall not be held liable if the Renter is unable to connect to a working Internet network through the Renter’s personal computer.
19.4 If the Renter requires personal technical assistance to connect to the Internet through the Renter’s personal computer, charges for this service will be billed directly to the Renter.

19.5 Please note: Internet/cable/telephone connections in Europe do experience interruptions. Haven in Paris and the Owner will not be held responsible for a non-functioning Internet/cable/telephone connection for any reason, but will use all means possible to remedy any technical issues that arise during the Rental Period to the best of our ability in a timely a manner as is possible. Renters will not be provided any refunds based on non-functioning Internet/cable/telephone connections.

19.6 Renter shall not use the Property Computer or the Property’s Internet service to download copyright protected files. The Renter shall be held liable for all fees and fines associated with any illegal downloading performed during the Rental Period.


20.1 The Property will be thoroughly cleaned before the start of the Rental Period. The Renter is required to leave the Property tidy upon departure. If any cleanliness issues are noted upon arrival, the Renter should notify the Greeter and/or Haven in Paris as soon as possible so that the situation can be resolved immediately.
20.2 There will be a final cleaning after check-out. If the Property has been left in such a condition that extra time is required to return the Property to a clean state, the Renter will be held liable for the additional cleaning time.

21.Allergen Requirements

If you have any specific allergies or sensitivities, please let us know.
In general, our properties are not fully outfitted with hypoallergenic pillows, duvets or allergen-friendly cleaning products on hand. Should you require hypoallergenic bedding and linens, please let us know before you finalize your reservation so that we can determine whether we would be able to accommodate your request and quote you a price for providing these amenities. Please note, though, that we cannot guarantee that we can provide these features for all properties. Should you have any questions about allergen requirements, please discuss them with Haven in Paris at the time of your booking, as we may not be able to accommodate requests made closer to your arrival date.

22. Access by Haven in Paris

22.1 Each Property is accessible by the Renter, as well as the Owner of the Property, the Greeter and the Cleaner. Normally, during the Rental Period, no one, including the Owner, Greeter, Cleaner or a Haven in Paris representative, will enter the Property without first giving notification, either via written email or phone call, to the Renter.
22.2 In most circumstances Haven in Paris will not enter a Property that is rented without prior notification. Nevertheless, certain situations may require immediate access without said notification. Those situations include but are not limited to: actual or suspected damage to the Property or building; flooding, fire or major construction to the Property or building; actual or suspected harm or illness to someone in the Property; actual or suspected loss, theft or burglary from the Property; ongoing maintenance to the Property; any event of access deemed necessary by the Owner; or a situation where without immediate access, the Property may suffer severe damage or destruction.

23.Limitation of Liability, Release, Indemnification and Liability insurance

Absent gross negligence on the part of Haven in Paris and the Owner, Renter understands and agrees that Haven in Paris shall have no responsibility or liability to the Renter (or anyone claiming through the Renter), for any loss, cost, damage or liability which arises in whole or in part by reason of the condition of the Property (including but not limited to furniture, appliances, equipment or any other contents of the Property), or with respect to the building of which the Property is a part.

Absent the gross negligence or willful misconduct of Haven in Paris or Owner, the Renter agrees to fully release Haven in Paris (and its owners, employees and agents) and Owner (and Owner's, employees and agents) from any and all claims (whether they be in contract, tort, or otherwise) liability, loss or cost relating to any loss or damage to any property or person arising in connection with the Property or the Renter's occupancy thereof. Renter understands and agrees that the Renter is obligated to purchase personal or travel insurance to cover any such damage or injury.

Renter understands that all valuables left in the Property are done so at Renter's own risk. All measures have been taken to ensure that the rental property is secure, but it is the Renter's responsibility to make sure proper precaution is taken against theft and burglary.
In addition, Renter agrees to indemnify Haven in Paris (and its owners, employees and agents), Owner (and Owner's, employees and agents) for all loss, costs, expenses, direct or indirect damages, punitive damages or any other liability incurred by said parties resulting from any act or omission by the Renter, or those claiming through the Renter in connection with the Rental.

In the event a court has determined that Haven In Paris and/or Owner has any liability hereunder, such liability shall be limited to the total Rental Fees paid by you to Haven in Paris pursuant to this Rental Agreement.

24. Jurisdiction

This contract is governed by the laws of the State of Texas. Courts in Texas have exclusive jurisdiction over any claims, disputes, or other matters in question between the parties. In the event of litigation, the party found to be in breach of this Agreement shall pay all court costs & reasonable attorney's fees for the non-breaching party.

25. Invalid Provisions

In the event that any part or provision of this Agreement shall be determined to be invalid or unenforceable under the laws of the State of Texas, the remaining portions of this Agreement which can be separated from the invalid, unenforceable provisions and shall nevertheless continue in full force and effect.

26. Voluntary Execution

Each party acknowledges that they (with the intent to become legally bound by executing this Agreement) fully understand the Agreement and its legal effect, and that this Agreement may be signed only by Renter as a Unilateral Contract. Such party is signing the Agreement freely and voluntarily. For purposes of this Agreement, a "Unilateral Contract" shall be defined as binding upon the following act; payment made by Renter and acceptance of same by Haven in Paris in anticipation of the fulfillment of each party's obligations hereunder.
Each party should consult an independent attorney to ensure that the party's rights have been protected. Each party also acknowledges that the party is not relying on any representations made by a representative of the other party concerning any aspect of this Agreement.

27. Immediate Force and Effect

This Contract shall be in force and effect immediately upon its execution.
The above terms and conditions are an exact copy of the terms and conditions that you have agreed to and which appear on the website.

28. Miscellaneous

This Agreement constitutes and contains the entire agreement of the parties hereto with respect to the subject matter hereof and supersedes any and all prior negotiations, correspondence, undertakings, representations, warranties and agreements between the parties respecting the subject matter hereof. All exhibits referred to herein are incorporated by reference as if fully set forth in this Agreement. The headings contained in this Agreement are for reference purposes only and shall not affect in any way the meaning or interpretation of this Agreement. This Agreement shall be binding upon and shall endure to the benefit of the parties hereto and their respective successors and assigns, shall be governed by and construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas, and may be amended from time to time only by a writing signed by both parties.

*Haven In, operated by World Guests Abroad LLC