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Recommended Eats

Canal St Martin

Bob's Juice Bar

15 rue Lucien Sampaix, 75010, Paris; Telephone 09 50 06 36 18
Lovely juices and bilingual staff.

El Nopal

3, rue Eugene Varlin, 10e; Tel: 07 86 39 63 46; M: Chateau Landon
Tasty Mexican take-out.

Krishna Bhavan

24, rue Cail, 10e; Tel: 01 42 05 78 43; M: Gare du Nord/La Chapelle
Great vegetarian Indian food.

Le Chateaubriand

129 av. Parmentier, 11e; 01 43 57 45 95; M: Goncourt
Daring Chef Inaki Aizpitarte serves up innovative fare perfectly suited for the open-minded eater.

Le Verre Volé

67, rue de Lancry, 10e; Tél 01 48 03 17 34; M: Jacques Bonsergent
One of Paris' best and most out-of-the-way wine bars. Great place for casual lunch or dinner. Very reasonably priced small plates (to share) and main courses. Seasonal, changing menu. Wines by the glass or choose a bottle from their shelves (7€ corkage fee).


5, rue des Petits Hotels, 10e; Tel: 01 44 79 03 98; M: Gare du Nord
French cuisine by Gare du Nord.


20, Rue de la Pierre Levée - 75011 Paris,Téléphone : 01 48 06 33 02
Organic and vegetarian cuisine.


43, rue des Petites Ecuries, 10e; Tel: 01 42 46 43 55; M: Chateau d'Eau.
Fresh, French cuisine and organic wines. Fabulous ambiance.

Champs Elysees

Pierre Gagnaire

Hotel Balzac Paris, 6 rue Balzac, 75008 +33 1 44 35 18 00
Hotel Balzac has long been home to the world renowned chef, Pierre Gagnaire. This flagship restaurant, specialising in modern French cuisine, is recognised as a standard bearer for iconic, fusion cooking the world over. Due to this popular demand we recommend that you make a booking as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Please call +33 1 58 36 12 50 or email [email protected] or call +33 1 44 35 18 00 to make an enquiry.



5, rue du Nil
This popular foodie darling is hard to get into, advanced reservations are required. Fixed price menu, French fusion.

Le Mesturet

77 Rue de Richelieu, 2e/01 42 97 40 68/M: Bourse
Perfect, bistro-style dining. Great quality for price.



49 rue Volta, 3e ; Tél. 01 48 87 88 24 ; M: Temple
A la Carte Menu, average per person €50. Authentic Argentinan cuisine, excellent beef and empanadas. Occasional star sightings, a small place that fills up fast, reservations necessary.

Au Bascou

38, rue Réaumur, 3e ; Tél. ; M: Arts et Metiers (Closed Sat - Sun)
A La Carte Menu: Average per Person €35 - €45 Southwest French food. Get distracted from the intense and alluring aromas coming from the kitchen. The menu is so intriguing that you might be tempted to order absolutely everything. Check it out!

Au Petit Thai

4, rue du roi de Sicile, 4e ; Tél. 01 42 72 75 75 ; M: St-Paul
Wonderful and authentic Thai food. TINY space so reservations a must!

Bob's Juice Bar

74 rue des Gravilliers, 75003 Paris; Telephone 09 52 55 11 66
Great vegan food and juices. Friendly bilingual staff.

Breakfast in America

4, rue Malher, 4e ; Tél. 01 42 72 40 21 ; M: St-Paul
The place to come for authentic American breakfast (pancakes, etc.) and hamburgers. Also with a location at 17, rue des Ecoles, in the 5th.

Breizh Café

109, rue Vieille du Temple, 3e; Tél. 01 42 72 13 77 ; M: St-Sébastien - Froissart (Closed Mon & Tues)
Excellent crêperie with great ciders and jams.

Café des Musées

49, rue de Turenne, 3e; Tél. 01 42 72 96 17 ; M: St. Paul or Chemin Vert
A traditional bistro with good family cooking, open every day except holidays. Great (& affordable!) prix-fixe lunch menu that changes daily. Best to reserve in advance, though for lunch you may be able to walk in.

Café du centre culturel Suédois

11, rue Payenne, 3e ; Tél. 01 44 78 80 20 ; M: St. Paul or Chemin Vert (Closed Mon)
The café is just in the entryway of the courtyard, off of rue Payenne. They have fresh soups, sandwiches, and a daily dessert. Beautiful gardens behind.

Chez Janou

2 rue Roger-Verlomme, 4e ; Tél. 01 42 72 28 41 ; M: Chemin Vert, St Paul or Bastille
A great Marais address. Located on the corner of two 17th century streets, this busy restaurant serves food from Provence and your French grandmother's kitchen. There is an amazing Pastis cocktail menu. Good Sunday afternoon hang-out, especially on the terrace. Reserve if possible.

Chez Marianne

2, rue des Hospitalières St-Gervais, 4e ; Tél. 01 42 72 18 86 (Open every day) ; M: St-Paul
Excellent falafel and salads.


57 rue Charlot, 3e ; Tél. 01 48 04 88 28 ; M: Filles du Calvaire
This is the kind of restaurant where you are continually amazed by the simplicity and freshness of ingredients. Rustic Sicilian cuisine that is incredibly satiating. The carbonara that comes in its own pot and the white pizza with salad both come highly recommended.

L'As du Fallafel

34, rue des Rosiers, 3e ; Tél. 01 48 87 63 60 ; M: St-Paul (Closed Sat)
For a quick, cheap, and delicious bite to eat, head over to l'As du Fallafel (literally, the Ace of Falafel) on rue des Rosiers. This falafel really does live up to its name as ace.

La Perle

78, rue Vieille du Temple, 3e ; Tél. 01 42 72 69 93 ; M: St-Paul or St-Sebastien - Froissart
Hip bar and restaurant with hamburgers and bistro fare.

Le Bouledogue

20, rue Rambuteau, 3e; Tél. 01 40 27 90 90 ; M: Rambuteau
Contemporary French cooking.

Le Dome Du Marais

53bis, rue des Francs Bourgeois, 4e; Tél. 01 42 74 54 17; M: Hôtel de Ville or Rambuteau
Closed Sun & Mon. Gorgeous restaurant, great food magnificent setting. The impressive glass dome allows natural light in the day and a wonderful ambiance at night. Must go and experience!

Le Loir dans la Théière

3 rue des Rosiers, 4e ; Tél.  01 42 72 90 61 ; M: St. Paul
Great place for a sit down lunch in the Marais. The desserts are to die for. You can view all of them before choosing, the lemon meringue is a favorite. The menu is mainly quiches and tartes, good tea selection. Cozy, cafe style ambiance. Reservations not accepted, arrive early for lunch on the weekends.

Le Pain Quotidien

20 rue des Archives, 4e ; Tél. 01 44 54 03 07 ; M: Hôtel de Ville
Offers fine baked goods and pastries, tea and teacakes, salads, sandwiches, and great Sunday brunch in a convivial atmosphere. You can sit inside at invitingly rustic wooden tables for tea, plats du jour, or brunch. Organic bread and pastries can be taken away from the bakery. 8-20 Euros.

Le Potager du Marais

22, rue Rambuteau, 3e ; Tél. 01 42 74 24 66 ; M: Rambuteau
Natural, organic, and 100% vegetarian cuisine. Excellent selection, friendly service, small but pleasant atmosphere.

Mai Thai

24 bis, rue St-Gilles, 3e ; Tél. 01 42 72 18 77 ; M: Bastille or Chemin Vert
Excellent Thai food. Very small so arrive early or make a reservation.

Restaurant Le Hangar

12, impasse Berthaud, 3e; Tél. 01 42 74 55 44 ; M: Rambuteau
Quality, creative cuisine. Reservation recommended.

Sacha Finkelsztajn

27, rue des Rosiers, 3e ; Tél. 01 42 72 78 91 ; M: St-Paul
Traditional Yiddish traiteurs, with central European and Russian prepared foods. To try: pastrami sandwich; börek with sheep cheese (fromage de brebis) or vegetables; cheesecake for dessert.

Temple Celeste Restaurant Chinois

9, rue Volta 3e ; Tél. 01 42 72 09 75 ; M: Arts et Métiers
Excellent and authentic (and a dive).


Casa Lola

12, rue Francoeur, 18e ; Tél. 01 42 55 42 41 ; M: Lamarck-Coulaincourt
Mediterranean food from the south of France with Spanish & Middle Eastern influences. Cozy and warm ambiance on the hill behind Sacre Coeur.


24 rue des Abbesses Paris 18eme
This fabulous bakery and restaurant on rue des Abbesses by Metro Abbesses has some of the best baguettes around (the line down the street will attest to that), and one of the yummiest brunches as well. A must but come early, especially if you want to snag one of the outdoor tables!

Guilo Guilo

8 rue Garreau 75018, Paris Tel: 01 42 54 23 92
Amazing, fresh and original Japanese food cooked by a Japanese chef from Kyoto. Reservations a must and far in advance. This is a must do for lovers of fine Japanese cuisine. This is one of Erica's Paris favorites!


47, avenue Trudaine, 9e; Tel: 01 42 64 39 80
Great Moroccan food in Montmartre.

La Focaccia

10, rue Joseph de Maistre, 18e ; Tél. 01 42 55 60 27 ; M: Blanche or Abbesses
Excellent little Italian Bistro.

La Maison Mere

4, rue de Navarin, 9e; Tél 01 42 81 11 00; M: Anvers
Trendy and happening hamburger joint near the hip Hotel l'Amour.

Le Bal Cafe

6, Impasse de la Defense, 18e; Tel: 01 44 70 75 51; M: Place de Clichy
Delicious coffee and Rose Bakery/London inspired cuisine. With terrace.

Le Miroir

94 rue des Martyrs 75018 Paris +33 1 46 06 50 73 Metro: Abbesses or Pigalle
A warm and inviting neighborhood bistro with wonderful fresh home cooked and creative food. Lovely friendly service. Highly recommended by Erica. Open for lunch and dinner from noon - 3pm and 7:30 pm - 11pm. Sunday open for brunch 11:30- 4 and not for dinner. Closed Monday.

Le Pantruche

3, rue Victor Masse 9eme ; Tél. 01 48 78 55 ; M: Anvers or Pigalle60
Delicious French bistro at the foot of Montmartre. Be sure to reserve and let them know Erica or HiP Paris Blog/ Haven in Paris sent you. Lovely kind service as well.

Le Restaurant

32, rue Veron 18e ; Tél. 01 42 23 06 22 ; M: Blanche or Abbesses
Refreshingly original French cuisine. This tiny restaurant is a gem, and is amazingly not too pricey. Reservations recommended for dinner. Service is hit or miss. Open for lunch.

Le Sancerre

35, rue des Abbesses 18e ; Tél. 01 42 58 08 20 ; M: Abbesses
This bustling wine-bar cafe is popular with the tourists, young artists, musicians and locals of the neighborhood. The salads and sandwiches are average, but this is a funky little spot.

Pizzeria da Carmine

61, rue des Martyrs, 9e; Tel: 01 48 78 28 01; M: Pigalle / Anvers
Yummy Italian food.

Restaurant Bharath

51, rue Louis Blanc, 10e ; Tél. 01 42 09 35 84 ; M: La Chapelle or Gare du Nord
This is an Indian dive in the Indian neighborhood. Only for those of you who like an adventure into another culture. Erica and Alain eat here often when in Paris. Very cheap.

Rose Bakery

46, rue des Martyrs, 9e; Tel: 01 42 82 12 80; M: Pigalle.
Delicious, fresh food in modern, minimalist space. Famous for their fresh salads and baked goods.

Smooth in the City

11, rue des Abbesses, 18e; Tel: 01 83 56 56 55; M: Abbesses/Pigalle
Delicious smoothies and healthy grain salads.

Super Nature

12, Rue Trévise, 9e; 01 47 70 21 03; M: Cadet
Vegetarians, take note! This is Paris' best new, all-organic (and mostly vegetarian) restaurant. The atmosphere is clean and rustic, the dishes are inventive, and the food is as delicious as it is healthy. This provides a great break after days of heavy French meals. Organic wine list. Open for dinner, but brunch is the highlight. The cafe next door is open for take-out.


9, rue des Abbesses 18e ; Tél. 01 42 54 88 64 ; M: Pigalle or Abbesses
Great place for lunch. Big salads and classic French dishes.

Terminus Nord

23, rue de Dunkerque, 10e ; Tél. 01 42 85 05 15 ; M: Gare du Nord
Authentic French bistro. Classic French bistro food served in a charming old world ambiance. A short walk from rue Livingstone. A must!

Palais Royal

Baan Boran

43, rue Montpensier 1er; Tél. 01 40 15 90 45 ; M: Pyramides or Palais Royal
Exquisite traditional Thai food and kind service in a mellow ambiance.


20, rue St. Martin, 1er; Tél. 01 42 72 25 76 ; M: Châtelet or Hôtel de Ville
Average per person, 60-70 Euros, lunchtime menu 38 Euros. World renowned chef Alain Ducasse took over this ornate brasserie a couple years ago. He has turned Benoit into a lost in time experience of brass rails, lace curtains and classic French cuisine. The snails and scallops are exquisite. Reservations necessary.


56, rue Sainte-Anne, 2e ; Tél. 01 42 96 67 76 ; M: Pyramides or Quatre-Septembre

Juvenile's Wine Bar

47, rue de Richelieu, 1er; Tél. 01 42 97 46 49 ; M: Pyramides or Palais Royal
Right around the corner from Willi's and owned by the same people. Great wine by the glass. Yummy desserts and cheese. Food is very average tapas. This is also a shop where you can buy interesting bottles of wine at reasonable prices.


39, rue Sainte-Anne, 1er ; Tél. 01 47 03 33 65 ; M: Pyramides or Quatre-Septembre
Comes highly recommended. Specialty is udon.


5, rue Villedo, 1er; Tel: 01 47 03 07 74; M: Palais Royal
Creative, fresh Japanese.

L'Epi d'Or

25, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 1er ; Tél. 01 42 36 38 12 ; M: Etienne Marcel
Tasty French food in old world French ambiance.

Le Grand Colbert

4, rue Vivienne 2e; Tél. 01 42 86 87 88 ; M: Palais Royal/Pyramides
A wonderful French brasserie. The food is consistently excellent, the staff is charming, and English is happily spoken.

Le Pain Quotidien

2, rue des Petits Carreaux 2e; Tél. 01 42 21 14 50 ; M: Etienne Marcel or Sentier
Great French brunch with delicious home made marmalades, jams, and bread (no pancakes or waffles) with cozy ambiance.

Verjus Restaurant & Bar à Vin

52 rue de Richelieu & 47 rue Montpensier, 1e; 01 42 97 54 40; M: Pyramides
The sweet couple behind Hidden Kitchen opened Verjus, a new Paris restaurant and wine bar that lives up to the hype.

Willi's Wine Bar

13, rue des Petits Champs, 1er ; Tél. 01 42 61 05 09 ; M: Pyramides or Palais Royal
English and Australian owned, very friendly, nice place to go for a snack & a drink. The food is quite average but the desserts, cheese and the selection of wine, Sherry, Porto and Muscat by the glass are great.

Zen Zoo

13, rue Chabanais, 2e ; Tél. 01 42 96 27 28 ; M: Quatre Septembre or Pyramides
Informal but lively ambiance. Authentic Japanese food.


Au pied de Fouet

45, rue de Babylone, 7e ; Tél. 01 47 05 12 27 ; M: St-Francois-Xavier or Vaneau
A great typical French bistro, small but cute and delicious. Try their reasonable daily menu.

Brasserie Lipp

151, bd St Germain, 6e ; Tél. 01 45 48 53 91 ; M: St-Germain-des-Prés
A classic French brasserie catering to the political crowd. There are particular seatings so be sure to call for reservations. Ask for a table on the main floor.

Café Le Balto

14 rue Mazarine, 6e ; Tél. 01 44 07 12 37 ; M: Odéon or Mabillon
Great café and food at all times.

Café les Deux Magots

6 place de Saint-Germain-des-Prés, 6e ; Tél. 01 45 48 55 25 ; M: St-Germain-des-Prés
One of the most famous and oldest cafés in Paris, an all-important address. Enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner on the terrace overlooking Blvd St Germain when the weather is fine.

Chez Allard

41 rue Saint André des Arts, 6e ; Tél. 01 42 63 48 20 ; M: St-Michel
Friendly atmosphere. Classic French. English spoken.


51, rue de Verneuil, 7e ; Tél. 01 45 44 69 13 ; M: Solférino

Coffee Parisien

4, rue Princesse, 6e ; Tél. 01 43 54 18 18 ; M: Mabillon or St-Germain-des-Prés
American-style café with great BLTs, hamburgers, etc. Perfect for brunch.


54, rue de Seine, 6e ; Tél. 01 46 33 35 36 ; M: Mabillon
Fabulous sandwiches made on bread fresh from the wood-burning oven. (This is the original although the shops have branched out to the U.S.)

Cuisine de Bar

8, rue du Cherche-Midi, 6e; Tél: 01 45 48 45 69; M: Sevres-Babylone
Fun lunch place with tasty tartines on Poilaine bread and salads.

Eggs & Co

11, rue Bernard Palissy, 6e ; Tél. 01 45 44 02 52 ; M: St-Germain-des-Prés (Closed Mon)
Great place for a cozy brunch specializing in egg dishes. Great hamubrgers too.

L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon

5, rue de Montalembert, 7e ; Tél. 01 42 22 56 56 ; M: rue du Bac or St-Germain-des-Prés
Tasty French dishes served in small tapas-like portions so you can sample numerous items. Modern and often noisy bar like ambiance. Reservation required! (Lunch is a good alternative, as there is often a fixed menu for a much more reasonable price.) Quite expensive and a bit of an attitude. Open very early (6:30 for dinner)


20 bis, rue St Benoit, 6e ; Tél. 01 45 49 16 00 ; M: St-Germain-des-Prés
If you're in the mood for steak frites, this is the place to go -- it's all they serve! Always bustling, a great choice for Sunday nights.

L'Epi Dupin

11, rue Dupin, 6e; Tel 01 42 22 64 56 ; M: Sevres-Babylone
A much-loved neo-bistro among Paris food-lovers. The staff is friendly to tourists and the 33€ prix fixe (entree, plat, dessert) is well worth it. Make sure to reserve a head of time, and try to get the later seating so you won't be rushed. Also a great place for lunch if you're shopping at the nearby Bon Marché department store (just around the corner).

La Closerie des Lilas

171, bd Montparnasse, 6e ; Tél. 01 40 51 34 50 ; M: Raspail or Vavin; RER B Port Royal
One of Hemingway's favorite haunts. There is a wonderful terrace in summer, an upscale restaurant and an affordable club-like bistro. The bar makes great cocktails and a piano player is almost always tinkling away. Check out the brass name plates on each table to see what poet or writer used to while away the hours there.

La Palette

43, rue de Seine, 6e ; Tél. 01 43 26 68 15 ; M: Mabillon
Great terrace for aperitifs and heated in winter. Super tartines. Head waiter Jean-Claude rules the roost and can be quite surly but a smile goes a long way to wearing down his gruff exterior.

Le Bon Saint Pourcain

10 bis, rue Severandoni (by St Sulpice), 6e ; Tél. 01 43 54 93 63 ; M: St-Sulpice or Mabillon
Homestyle French cooking. Inexpensive and quite good. Bring cash, no credit cards. English spoken. Reservations recommended.

Le Café de Flore

172, bd St Germain, 6e ; Tél. 01 45 48 55 26 ; M: St-Germain-des-Près
A Paris landmark. Slightly on the expensive side but along w/its neighbor, Les Deux Magots, part of Paris literary history. Good eggs, frites, coffee, etc. Great terrace.

Le Polidor

41, rue Monsieur le Prince, 6e ; Tél. 01 43 26 95 34 ; M: Odéon
Typical old world French bistro. Enjoy classic simple French food in a cozy ambiance (you may just become friendly with your neighbors!).

Le Procope

13, rue de l'Ancienne Comedie, 6e ; Tél. 01 43 26 99 20 ; M: Odéon
Reported to be the oldest operating restaurant in the world (opened in 1686!), le Procope has a long history of welcoming artistic, political, and literary figures. While the food today is uninspiring and overpriced, Voltaire's table can still be seen. The café attracts a mixed bag of writers, journalists, university professors, models, businessmen, and assorted tourists.


21, rue du Vieux Colombier, 6e ; Tél. 01 42 22 14 00 ; M: St-Sulpice or Sèvres-Babylone
American style sandwiches, salads and fruit juices.

Marco Polo

8, rue de Conde, 6e ; Tél. 01 43 26 79 63 ; M: Odéon
Italian. Great terrace in the summer. Very fresh and authentic.

Muraille de Jade

5, rue de l'Ancienne Comedie, 6e ; Tél. 01 46 33 63 18 ; M: Odéon
Asian fusion that also does takeout.

Pizzeria Golfe de Naples

8 rue Clément, 6e ; Tél. 01 40 46 94 81 ; M: Mabillon or Odéon
Erica's favorite pizza in Paris. This place is super busy, so come early! Wood-burning stove, amazing thick crust pizza and excellent Italian cuisine.

Pizzeria Santa Lucia

22, rue des Canettes, 6e ; Tél. 01 43 26 42 68 ; M: Mabillon or St-Sulpice (Closed Mon & Tues)
Behind St Sulpice church, Barbara's favorite pizza in Paris (wood burning oven) as well as great pastas (papardelle with chanterelles...). Paris pizza are very unique.

Restaurant La Petite Cour

8 rue Mabillon, 6e ; M: Mabillon
Shaded garden and friendly atmosphere.

Restaurant Le Christine

1 rue Christine, 6e ; Tél. 01 40 51 71 64 ; M: Odéon or St-Michel
French cuisine, outstanding food and welcome.

Restaurant Le Petit Zinc

11 rue Saint Benoît, 6e ; Tél. 01 42 86 61 00 ; M: St-Germain-des-Prés
Typical restaurant of the Saint-Germain district.

Rotisserie d'en Face

2, rue Christine, 6e ; Tél. 01 43 26 40 98 ; M: St-Michel or Odéon
Chef Jacques Cagna's grill restaurant is often compared to California dining. English menus available.